This FAQ page was made by Dokki#9129 known as Dokki or emrednz07 on most platforms

0 Before you do anything about Krnl check that you have the requirements.

Krnl needs these programs/software to function properly

  1. To check that you have Windows 10 and it's 64bit

    • Use your eyeballs and 4 braincells to visually inspect the desktop environment, icons, start menu then compare them to images/screenshots online.

    • Type 64bit into the search bar in Windows 10. It should pop up with a suggestion saying "Is my PC 32bit or 64bit".

      • Click on it and see your Operating System architecture.
  2. To check that you have the VC Redists

    1. Go to the "Add or remove programs" section in the Windows 10 settings.

    2. Then search for Visual C++ Redistributable.

    3. If two programs named along the lines of Visual 2015-2019 x64 and x86 show up that means you have it.

  3. To check that the .NET package is installed

    1. Run the main krnl executable file

    2. If you are missing the .NET framework Windows will automatically ask you if you want to install it or not.

    3. Click yes if prompted.

  4. To check that the webclient version of Roblox is installed/install it.

    1. Uninstall the Microsoft Store version of Roblox if you have it

    2. Install the web version from the roblox website. Link is in the Requirements above

1 Issues about downloading/opening krnl:

1.1 Download blocked by browser

  1. Press the key combination CTRL + J

  2. It should take you to the downloads section of your browser.

  3. From there click on "Allow malicious file".

But don't be scared Krnl is completely safe. "But then why does my antivirus and browser say it is" you may ask. The answer to this question is explained in detail in the next part.

1.2 Antivirus blocking downloading/running Krnl

Why this happens

Please keep in mind that this isnt the exact source code as the Asyncronous Functions wont be fully decompiled in dnSpy. However it should still give you a good idea of if Krnl is safe or not.


To fix this issue you must uninstall any 3rd party antivirus from your system. Such as McAfee, Norton, Eset, Kaspersky etc. Sorry but there isnt another way of solving this issue. From my and many users experiences excluding/disabling 3rd party antivirus is terrible and doesnt yield consistent/reliable results.

Once that you have uninstalled your 3rd party antivirus and rebooted your pc (Or you didnt have any to begin with). Its time to exclude Krnl from Windows Defender which is the default antivirus that comes with Windows 10. To do this we recommend watching a tutorial from YouTube. But in short all you need to do is:

1.3 Bootstrapper/Downloader issues

If the official Krnl bootstrapper from doesnt work for you for any reason even after you excluded it from Windows Defender here are some things you can try:

antiviruses such as Avast, McAfee, AVG etc.

If you have done all of this but you still cant see krnlss.exe or krnl.dll in the Krnl folder, bootstrapper getting stuck at krnlss.exe.config etc.
You can try downloading krnl by other means such as:

First way: Download from

All you need to do to use this version of Krnl is:

  1. Download the rar/zip file.

  2. Extract to a folder excluded from Windows Defender.

  3. Open krnlss.exe located inside it.

  4. Then you can disregard any warning that says "Roblox version is incorrect" as its not an issue.

Second way: Downloading and extracting the Krnl zip/rar version from their discord server.

2- Issues about injecting/executing:

2.1 Unknown error/crashing when injecting

If you have the requirements but you are still getting an error you can try these steps:

2.2 Krnl is getting stuck at saying "Injecting"

To solve this issue you need to use a 3rd party injector such as Extreme Injector or the built-in dll injection functionality of other software such as Process Hacker.

We recommend watching a YouTube tutorial on how to do this. Heres a link to one made by me Click here But here's a quick rundown of the basic steps involved.

After injecting all you need to do is getting a key. How to do this can be found in step 3. After you enter your key in it and press enter. It should automatically close the console window and the "Inject" button in the Krnl UI should turn into "Injected"

2.3 Roblox Process not found error

This is caused by the fact that the Microsoft Store version of krnl isnt injectable. You have to use the Roblox version from their own website to use Krnl. Install roblox from to fix this issue.

2.4 krnl.dll missing issue

2.5 Executing crashes Roblox

This issue is caused by

TLDR: Find a different script

2.6 Stuck at waiting for roblox

2.7 You are using an outdated version of Krnl

3- Issues about keys

First let's talk about how to get a key in the first place and how they work.

Krnl Keys are based on your IP. This means that:

To get a key you must go to the URL that is given to you in the console popup window after you inject krnl.

This URL being:

After you go to it for the first time you should be redirected to a linkvertise link. If you get prompted to do a survey just click on the x. Then click on free access with ads. Do the tasks and move onto the next link. Now do this 4 more times. And you will finally be directed to the keypage where you can copy your key and paste it into the console window from before then press enter.

It should check your key for a few seconds then the console window should disappear and krnl should be injected.

3.1 Key invalid

  1. If you are using a vpn try disabling it and getting a new key.

  2. If you aren't using a vpn however your IP might be changing too often.

    • Try messing with the DHCP settings in your routers admin panel.
  3. Try clearing your browser cookies

3.2 Stuck at checking key

4 Miscellaneous Issues

"Send "error.txt" to the krnl server"